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Presenting Robert Rhu's

The Story Portal

Storytelling is a fundamental human ritual. From cave paintings to Facebook posts, our histories transcend death and generations to act as a binder across landscapes, technology, and cultures. The Story Portal is today's invitation for experiences to be voiced and listened to by a rapt and sympathetic audience.



The Story Portal aims to connect individuals to the vast world of shared experience through spontaneous and true storytelling. The concept is simple: spin the wheel and tell us a true story about the topic you receive.


With only a stage, a microphone and speakers, and seating for friends or strangers, the setup is simple, yet the impact can be profound. Listeners sit in sympathy with the storyteller, tears streaming down their faces. A storyteller shrieks with laughter at his own folly. The aspect of public speaking creates an expectant environment, and the pressure helps the storyteller find the power in his or her own experience to express it.

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