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Our Story:

The world is a mountain of cardboard, a sea of glass, an ocean of plastic—useful material wasted to sloth and apathy.  Why does so much valuable, reusable, or recyclable material end up in the landfill?  Everything humanity buys is packaged; it all comes in a box, a container, a crate, an envelope, or a sleeve—discarded in an instant to gain access to the product inside—sometimes the product discarded in an instant too.  It truly needs to stop for humanity to have a future existence.


At idea faucet, we maintain a steady stream of ideas to stop the flow of package waste in the global economy of commerce.  With new approaches to product design and packaging, we aim to create an immersive user experience. 


Packaging is more than a protective barrier or a colorful display; it is a tactile moment, a visual canvas, a chance glimpse of opportunity to convey a meaningful message of the joy and benefit of the product, the packaging, the user, and how this trinity can best be utilized for the person, the community and the planet


Sustainably minded design to improve the world one person at a time.



Promoting sustainable knowledge and practice with empowered designs and packaging to increase product and package value, improve self-image, and positively impact the community and global empathy.

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